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Harri-Tonas Resources International Limited is Nigeria’s finest number one company that provides government, institutions, organizations and individuals with renewable/Alternative energy products and render engineering services.
We are continually working hard to be at the front line in providing uninterrupted power supply to Nigerians and Africa through the use of Renewable/Alternative Energy, to make it 100% efficient & available to low income earners in Nigeria and Africa.

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civil/building engineering

we plan, define and executed professional procedures for each construction activity to complete our projects. Our projects range from residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, airports, bridges, dams e.t.c 


Harri-Tonas offers Alternative Energy engineering (Solar, Wind & Inverter). construction, project management and installation services home, office, schools  and organizational use. Our installation processes are handled by our team of experts who give attention to even the smallest of details because here at Harri-Tonas excellence is our standard